tattoo laser removal

From the start of 2016 we have re-branded our laser tattoo department and we now go under the name of Lumiere Professional Laser Clinic.

We offer first class treatments at affordable prices. With the re-branding we now have a new laser technician, Ema  who is fully qualified and has passed her examinations with flying colours.

We use a Q-switched ND:Yag laser, this machine emits a laser or pulse of light that is absorbed into certain colours of ink. The body then breaks the ink particles down and it is absorbed into the body. Tattoos are held in the skin because the ink particles are too large for the body to destroy, so instead it encapsulates the ink with a network of collagen fibres and as the skin heals, therefore the ink remains. The colours the laser will break down are: black, dark blue, red and browns, it will not break down, white, yellow and green. On some people the result form the laser can be excellent, but on others there maybe the remminants of the erased tattoo still visable. This depends on the skin type of the client. Usually people want rid of the old tattoo so they can introduce a new tattoo design in its place.

The pain you may feel during treatment is compared to a rubber band snapping quickly on your skin, some say its not as painful as having a tattoo. This type of laser leaves virtually no scarring unless the client has a skin disorder such as keloids.

The initial consultation for treatment is free. During this we will measure your tattoo, carry out a skin assessment and let you know how much each treatment will cost, it depends on your tattoo to how many treatments you will need. After the treatment we provide aftercare information for you to read and follow, please feel free to contact us for information.