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Our Rules to follow... are we being serious.... well...

Making an appointment:

We accept appointments made on-line, by telephone or in person, YOU WILL ALWAYS need to pay a deposit to secure your booking. Not doing this, may result in your appointment being booked over (this is for everyone - no exceptions)

Don't ask for a price/quote based on 'I want a flower on my leg with the kids names, how much will that be?' we will laugh at you.

Always have an idea of what you want and where you want it.

We are not a drop-in centre or a cafe - so don't ask for a drink, again we will laugh at you.

Make sure you're over 18 when you're booking the appointment as we will find out.

For the half cut individuals, who always ask 'can you put a tattoo on my genitals'... if you're serious... then yes we can, but I don't think we'll match the one on the their forehead!


Visiting the studio:

We DO NOT tattoo under 18's with or without parental consent, (Don't bring your mother into the shop to lie for you, it makes you both look daft 

we will find out beforehand and mock the hell out of you)

You will need to sign a consent form and medical questionnaire for all treatments.

We DO NOT treat anyone under the influence.

We reserve the right to refuse treatment.

We would prefer not to make your appointment a family outing - we cannot accommodate Grandma, six kids, three prams and Uncle Tom Cobley!

If you must bring your child, you must bring a competent adult to care for the child whilst you have your treatment (we are not a creche and any lonely children will be eaten).

We charge by time used, we don't 'pop' tattoos on for a fiver  'mate'..

It would be wonderful if you had some idea of what design you would like.

We expect you to know how to spell your child's name AND remember the actual date you're inking on permanently.

It does help if you're mental, like the staff and you may find them making daft films and discussing deep subjects such as the meaning of life, why people find us so entertaining, who actually is the most feminine and also what they are having for dinner...

Aftercare for your treatment:

You will be given an aftercare sheet - please follow it to the letter. We give you the best advice possible and listening to 'someone who's had one done, by a mate in his shed', you might as well not bother. We can tell if you haven't cared for your tattoo, so our BS detectors are always switched on full power.

We cannot pop around to your home and personally check them for you, so please be a grown up and remember, these things need monitoring.


We do NOToffer free touch ups on tattoos that are on the FINGERS/HANDS/FEET/INNER LIP/EARS. These locations are at high risk of fading so you will be charged to have them touched up.

If you do find you have any serious problems or complaints we will do our utmost to rectify the situation. Please contact us in the first instance.